Most sixes in Men’s T20 World Cups

Most sixes in Men's T20 World Cups

Chris Gayle has cemented his place in T20 cricket history with his unparalleled six-hitting prowess. At the Men’s T20 World Cup, Gayle’s ability to clear the boundary consistently has set him apart from his peers. He leads the list of most sixes in the tournament’s history by a significant margin.

Most sixes in Men’s T20 World Cups

Leading Six-Hitter

Chris Gayle has hit the most sixes in Men’s T20 World Cups, a total of 63.

Match-Winning Performances

Gayle has delivered crucial performances, including record-breaking centuries.

Impressive Six-Hitting Rate

Despite playing fewer innings than some of his closest competitors, Gayle maintains a substantial lead.

Consistent Impact

Other notable players include Rohit Sharma and AB de Villiers, who have also made significant contributions.

  • Top of the Chart: Chris Gayle tops the list with 63 sixes in 31 innings.
  • Significant Margin: Gayle is 28 sixes ahead of the second-highest, Rohit Sharma, who has 35 sixes in 36 innings.
  • Competitive Field: Other top six-hitters include Jos Buttler, Yuvraj Singh, Shane Watson, David Warner, AB de Villiers, and Virat Kohli.
  • Innings Comparison: Players have varying numbers of innings, showcasing their different styles and opportunities.

Most Sixes at the Men’s T20 World Cup

PlayerNo. of SixesInnings Played
Chris Gayle (WI)6331
Rohit Sharma (IND)3536
Jos Buttler (ENG)3327
Yuvraj Singh (IND)3328
Shane Watson (AUS)3122
David Warner (AUS)3134
AB de Villiers (SA)3029
Virat Kohli (IND)2827

Chris Gayle’s extraordinary ability to hit sixes has made him a standout performer in the Men’s T20 World Cup. His dominance is reflected not only in the number of sixes but also in his ability to perform consistently at the highest level.

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