Trent Boult Bids Farewell to T20 World Cup

Trent Boult Bids Farewell to T20 World Cup

Trent Boult concludes his T20 World Cup journey with remarkable bowling statistics, leaving a lasting impression on the tournament. Throughout his campaign, Boult showcased exceptional skills and consistency, making him a standout performer for New Zealand. His contributions were pivotal in shaping matches and influencing outcomes, reflecting his prowess in the T20 format.

Trent Boult Bids Farewell to T20 World Cup

Key Highlights

  • Matches Played: 18
  • Total Wickets: 34
  • Economy Rate: 5.93
  • Bowling Average: 12.50
  • Best Bowling Figures (BBI): 4/13

Detailed Analysis

Trent Boult has left a significant mark on the T20 World Cup with his stellar performances across 18 matches. His ability to consistently take wickets at a superb average of 12.50 and an economical rate of 5.93 runs per over underscores his effectiveness in the fast-paced format. Boult’s best bowling figures of 4/13 highlight his capability to deliver under pressure and contribute crucial breakthroughs for his team.

Key Points

  • Consistent Performer: Took 34 wickets in 18 matches.
  • Economical Bowler: Maintained an impressive economy rate of 5.93.
  • Impactful Figures: Averaged 12.50 with the ball.
  • Key Moments: Best bowling performance of 4/13.
  • Legacy: Leaves behind a strong legacy in T20 World Cup cricket.

Trent Boult’s Bowling Statistics at the T20 World Cup

Economy Rate5.93
Bowling Average12.50
Best Bowling (BBI)4/13

Trent Boult’s exceptional bowling record in the T20 World Cup reflects his skill and impact on the field. With 34 wickets at an average of 12.50 and an economy rate of 5.93, Boult has been a key asset for New Zealand, contributing significantly to their performances. His ability to deliver crucial breakthroughs and maintain pressure on opponents has made him a standout bowler in T20 cricket, leaving behind a legacy of excellence in the tournament.

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