Total Destruction Most Runs Off One Over in T20Is

Most Runs Off One Over in T20Is

In T20 International cricket, achieving the most runs off a single over is a rare and spectacular feat. Yuvraj Singh first accomplished this in 2007 by hitting Stuart Broad for 36 runs. Kieron Pollard matched this in 2021 against Akila Dananjaya. In 2024, Rohit Sharma and Rinku Singh both hit Karim Janat for 36 runs in separate matches, and Dipendra Airee did the same against Khan. Nicholas Pooran came close with 36 runs off Azmatullah Omarzai These performances highlight the explosive power of these batsmen and the thrilling nature of T20 cricket.

Most Runs Off One Over in T20Is

Key Highlights

  • Yuvraj Singh: 36 runs off Stuart Broad, 2007.
  • Kieron Pollard: 36 runs off Akila Dananjaya, 2021.
  • Rohit Sharma: 36 runs off Karim Janat, 2024.
  • Rinku Singh: 36 runs off Karim Janat, 2024.
  • Dipendra Airee: 36 runs off Khan, 2024.
  • Nicholas Pooran: 36 runs off Azmatullah Omarzai 2024.

Detailed Analysis

Moreover In the electrifying world of T20 cricket, instances of batsmen scoring 36 runs in a single over are rare yet spectacular, showcasing their incredible hitting power and the high stakes of the format. Therefore This feat, also known as the maximum possible off an over, includes hitting six sixes, and it has been achieved by a few remarkable players.

Yuvraj Singh was the first to achieve this in T20 Internationals, smashing Stuart Broad for six sixes in the 2007 World Cup. Therefore This iconic moment set the benchmark for others to follow. Kieron Pollard matched this feat in 2021, taking Akila Dananjaya apart with six consecutive maximums.

Therefore Rohit Sharma joined the elite club in 2024, scoring 36 runs off an over bowled by Karim Janat. In the same year, Rinku Singh also hammered Karim Janat for 36 runs in a single over, showcasing the bowler’s repeated misfortune. Meanwhile Dipendra Airee added his name to the list with a stunning performance against Khan.

Meanwhile Nicholas Pooran’s 36 runs in an over off Azmatullah Omarzai in 2024, while just shy of the maximum, still stands as a remarkable display of power hitting, including multiple boundaries and exploiting no-balls and wide deliveries.

Key Points

  • Yuvraj Singh: Moreover Scored 36 runs off Stuart Broad in 2007.
  • Kieron Pollard: Achieved 36 runs off Akila Dananjaya in 2021.
  • Rohit Sharma: Scored 36 runs off Karim Janat in 2024.
  • Rinku Singh: Matched 36 runs off Karim Janat in 2024.
  • Dipendra Airee: Scored 36 runs off Khan in 2024.
  • Nicholas Pooran: Scored 36 runs off Azmatullah Omarzai in 2024.
  • Impact: Highlights the explosive potential and game-changing ability of these batsmen.
  • Legacy: These performances underscore the thrilling nature of T20 cricket and the thin margin for error for bowlers.

Most Runs Off One Over in T20Is

Yuvraj Singh36Stuart Broad2007
Kieron Pollard36Akila Dananjaya2021
Rohit Sharma36Karim Janat2024
Rinku Singh36Karim Janat2024
Dipendra Airee36khan2024
Nicholas Pooran36Azmatullah Omarzai2024

Therefore The instances of scoring 36 runs in a single over are landmark moments in T20 International cricket, showcasing the explosive power and precision of some of the game’s finest hitters. Meanwhile These remarkable feats not only bring thrilling excitement to the game but also underscore the immense pressure and fine margins faced by bowlers in the T20 format. Moreover Players like Yuvraj Singh, Kieron Pollard, Rohit Sharma, Rinku Singh, and Dipendra Airee have etched their names in the record books with these stunning performances, making them unforgettable moments in cricket history.

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