Lowest Team Totals in T20 World Cup

Lowest Team Totals in T20 World Cup

Ultimate uganda debut in the T20 World Cup has been challenging, with the team recording some of the lowest totals in the tournament’s history. Despite their determination and effort, Uganda’s inexperience at the highest level of T20 cricket has been evident, leading to significant struggles against more seasoned opponents.

Lowest Team Totals in T20 World Cup

Uganda T20 World Cup Journey

Uganda played only three matches in the T20 World Cup, facing strong teams that tested their capabilities. Their performances, while valiant, resulted in the two lowest team totals ever recorded in T20 World Cup history. These matches highlighted the gap between emerging teams and established cricketing nations, emphasizing the need for more experience and development for teams like Uganda.

Lowest Team Totals in T20 World Cup History

Netherlands39Sri Lanka2014
Uganda39West Indies2024
Netherlands44Sri Lanka2021
West Indies55England2021

Uganda Low Totals A Closer Look

34 All Out vs Netherlands, 2024

Hence Uganda registered the lowest ever team total in T20 World Cup history against the Netherlands.

The Dutch bowlers dominated the Ugandan batting lineup, showcasing their superior experience and skill.

39 All Out vs West Indies, 2024

Uganda matched the Netherlands’ previous low score of 39 runs, recorded in 2014 against Sri Lanka.

The West Indies bowlers were relentless, not allowing the Ugandan batsmen any room to settle.

47 All Out vs England, 2024

In the ICC Men’s T20I World Cup 2024, Oman faced off against England. Oman managed to score 47 runs in 13.2 overs.

The English bowlers displayed a dominant performance, restricting Oman to a low total.

58 All Out vs Afghanistan, 2024

In their third match, Uganda managed to score 58 runs against Afghanistan.

While an improvement over their previous scores, Therefore still ranks among the lowest totals in the history of the tournament.

Other Notable Low Totals


Scored 39 runs against Sri Lanka in 2014 and 44 runs against the same team in 2021.

These performances indicate the formidable challenge that Sri Lankan bowlers pose in the T20 format.

West Indies

Scored 55 runs against England in 2021.

This total is noteworthy considering the West Indies’ reputation as a strong T20 side.

Record Lows

Moreover Uganda recorded the two lowest team totals in T20 World Cup history in 2024.

Strong Opponents

Faced experienced teams like the Netherlands, West Indies, and Afghanistan.

Learning Experience

Certain uganda participation highlighted the need for more exposure and development for emerging cricket teams.

Comparative Struggles

Sure Other teams, including the Netherlands and West Indies, have also faced difficulties, showcasing the unpredictable nature of T20 cricket.

A Learning Curve for Uganda

Hence uganda performances in the T20 World Cup, while record-breaking for their low scores, also underscore the steep learning curve that new teams face in international cricket. Their journey in the tournament highlights the importance of experience, skill development, and the need for more opportunities to play against top-tier teams. Hence Uganda continues to grow in the cricketing world, these early challenges will serve as valuable lessons for their future endeavors.

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