T20 World Cup Most Player of the Match Awards in History

T20 World Cup Match Awards

The T20 World Cup has showcased some of the greatest talents in cricket, with certain players consistently delivering match-winning performances. The Player of the Match (POTM) awards highlight these exceptional contributions. Here, we look at the players with the most POTM awards in T20 World Cup history.

T20 World Cup Match Awards
  • Virat Kohli leads the list with 7 Player of the Match awards, showcasing his dominance in T20 cricket.
  • Chris Gayle, Mahela Jayawardene, and Shane Watson and Adam Zampa each have 5 awards, reflecting their significant impact in T20 World Cups.
  • The list includes a mix of explosive batsmen and versatile all-rounders, highlighting the diverse skills that contribute to winning matches.

Most Player of the Match Awards in T20 World Cup

NoPlayerCountryPOTM Awards
1Virat KohliIndia7
2Chris GayleWest Indies5
3Mahela JayawardeneSri Lanka5
4Shane WatsonAustralia5
5Adam ZampaAustralia5
6AB de VilliersSouth Africa4
7Tillakaratne DilshanSri Lanka4
8Shahid AfridiPakistan4

Virat Kohli: 7 POTM Awards (India)

Certainly ultimate Virat Kohli stands at the pinnacle with 7 Player of the Match awards in T20 World Cup history. Known for his exceptional batting skills, Kohli has been a consistent performer for India, especially in crucial matches. His ability to chase down targets and perform under pressure has earned him numerous accolades and made him a standout player in T20 World Cups.

Chris Gayle: 5 POTM Awards (West Indies)

Ultimate Chris Gayle, the ‘Universe Boss,’ has 5 POTM awards, thanks to his explosive batting at the top of the order. Gayle’s ability to hit big sixes and score rapidly has made him one of the most feared batsmen in T20 cricket. His performances have often provided West Indies with strong starts, setting the foundation for many of their victories.

Mahela Jayawardene: 5 POTM Awards (Sri Lanka)

Hence Mahela Jayawardene’s elegant batting and strategic acumen have earned him 5 POTM awards in T20 World Cups. Jayawardene’s ability to play both anchor roles and aggressive innings has made him a crucial player for Sri Lanka, contributing significantly to their successes in T20 tournaments.

Shane Watson: 5 POTM Awards (Australia)

Certainly Shane Watson all-round abilities have secured him 5 POTM awards. Watson has been a game-changer with both bat and ball, delivering match-winning performances for Australia. Thus aggressive batting and effective bowling have made him one of the most valuable players in T20 World Cups.

Adam Zampa: 5 POTM Awards (Australia)

Adam Zampa has emerged as a pivotal player for Australia, securing 5 Player of the Match awards in T20 World Cup history. Renowned for his exceptional leg-spin bowling, Zampa has consistently delivered crucial performances that have turned games in Australia’s favor.

AB de Villiers: 4 POTM Awards (South Africa)

Ultimate AB de Villiers, known for his 360-degree batting, has 4 POTM awards. His innovative and explosive batting style has won many matches for South Africa. De Villiers’ ability to adapt to different situations and play match defining innings has made him a standout performer in T20 World Cups.

Tillakaratne Dilshan: 4 POTM Awards (Sri Lanka)

Hence Tillakaratne Dilshan’s 4 POTM awards reflect his versatility as a batsman and his innovative stroke play, especially the ‘Dilscoop.’ Dilshan’s ability to score quickly and his contributions with the ball have been pivotal for Sri Lanka in T20 World Cups, making him a key player in their line-up.

Shahid Afridi: 4 POTM Awards (Pakistan)

Hence Shahid Afridi, with his aggressive batting and leg-spin bowling, has earned 4 POTM awards. Afridi’s dynamic performances have often turned games in Pakistan’s favor. His ability to perform in high-pressure situations and his match-winning capabilities have made him a crucial player in T20 World Cups.


  • The POTM awards highlight the match-winning abilities of these players, showcasing their impact on the game.
  • The list includes a mix of batsmen, all-rounders, and bowlers, illustrating the importance of diverse skills in T20 cricket.
  • Consistency and the ability to perform under pressure are common traits among these top performers.

Meanwhile Finally overall most Player of the Match awards in T20 World Cup history underline the significant contributions of these exceptional players to their teams. Moreover Virat Kohli’s consistent brilliance to Chris Gayle’s explosive batting and Shahid Afridi’s all-round prowess, Therefore players have left an indelible mark on T20 cricket. Hence performances continue to inspire and set standards for future generations in the shortest format of the game.

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