T20 World Cup Best Economy Rates in Men

T20 World Cup Best Economy

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup is a showcase of the world best cricketing talent, where every run and every ball counts. Among the many skills that define a successful bowler, maintaining a low economy rate is crucial, especially in a format as fast-paced as T20 cricket. In the ongoing ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024, several bowlers have stood out for their exceptional economy rates. Here, we highlight the top five bowlers who have excelled in this aspect, having bowled a minimum of 20 overs.

T20 World Cup Best Economy

Top 5 Best Economy Rates

Anrich Nortje – 5.02

Anrich Nortje has been a standout performer with the ball, consistently delivering tight overs and keeping the batsmen in check. His pace and accuracy have made him a formidable opponent, and his economy rate of 5.02 is a testament to his skill and discipline.

Sunil Narine – 5.17

Known for his mystery spin and clever variations, Sunil Narine has been a crucial asset for his team. His ability to restrict scoring opportunities and induce false shots has helped him maintain an impressive economy rate of 5.17.

Bilal Khan – 5.30

Bilal Khan precise line and length, combined with his ability to swing the ball, have made him one of the most economical bowlers in the tournament. His economy rate of 5.30 reflects his effectiveness in containing the opposition’s run-scoring.

Hamid Hassan – 5.42

Hamid Hassan has been exceptional with his disciplined bowling and ability to hit the right areas consistently. His economy rate of 5.42 highlights his capability to build pressure and limit the scoring opportunities for the batsmen.

Samuel Badree – 5.52

A master of the art of leg-spin, Samuel Badree has used his variations and control to great effect. His economy rate of 5.52 is indicative of his success in keeping the batsmen guessing and minimizing the flow of runs.

Top Performers

Anrich Nortje leads the list with an economy rate of 5.02.

Spin Dominance

Three out of the top five bowlers are spinners, showcasing the importance of spin bowling in T20 cricket.


All these bowlers have bowled a minimum of 20 overs, demonstrating their consistency and endurance.

Detailed Table

RankBowlerEconomy Rate
1Anrich Nortje5.02
2Sunil Narine5.17
3Bilal Khan5.30
4Hamid Hassan5.42
5Samuel Badree5.52

The ability to maintain a low economy rate is a vital attribute for any bowler in T20 cricket. The top five bowlers listed here have demonstrated exceptional control and skill, making them invaluable assets to their respective teams in the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024. Their performances have not only helped to restrict the opposition’s scoring but also set the stage for their teams to build and defend competitive totals.

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