Rohit Sharma Hits 600 Sixes in International Cricket

Rohit Sharma Hits 600 Sixes

Ultimate Rohit Sharma, widely known as “Hitman,” has made history by becoming the first player in international cricket to hit 600 sixes. This monumental achievement cements his place as one of the greatest power hitters the game has ever seen. His ability to consistently clear the boundary with ease has set a new benchmark in international cricket.


  • Historic Achievement: Rohit Sharma becomes the first player in international cricket to hit 600 sixes.
  • Record Holder: Surpasses other cricket legends like Chris Gayle and Shahid Afridi.
  • Milestone Moment: Achieved this feat in a match filled with his trademark explosive batting.

Most Sixes in International Cricket

RankPlayerSixesMatches PlayedCareer Span
1Rohit Sharma6004462007 – Present
2Chris Gayle5534831999 – 2021
3Shahid Afridi4765241996 – 2018
4Brendon McCullum3984322002 – 2016
5Martin Guptill3833882009 – Present

Rohit Sharma Journey to 600 Sixes

Hence Rohit Sharma’s journey to this incredible milestone has been marked by numerous memorable innings and a consistent ability to dominate bowlers across all formats of the game. Known for his elegant stroke play and power hitting, Rohit has entertained cricket fans worldwide with his prolific six-hitting ability.

Historic Milestone

Achieved 600 sixes milestone in a thrilling match, showcasing his ability to perform under pressure.


His ability to maintain a high strike rate while hitting sixes regularly has been a key component of his batting style.


Excels in all formats of the game, whether it’s T20, ODI, or Test cricket.

First to 600

Hence Rohit Sharma is the first and only player to hit 600 sixes in international cricket, Thus setting a new standard for power hitting.

Comparative Analysis

The next highest is Chris Gayle with 553 sixes, followed by Shahid Afridi with 476.

Career Span

Certain Rohit career, which began in 2007, has seen him play 446 matches to reach this historic number.

Impactful Player

His six-hitting ability has not only won games for India but has also set new benchmarks in the cricketing world.

Hence Rohit Sharma’s achievement of hitting 600 sixes in international cricket is a testament to his incredible talent, hard work, and dedication to the sport. This milestone not only highlights his prowess as a batsman but also sets a new record in the history of cricket. As he continues to play, fans and cricket enthusiasts can look forward to many more spectacular performances from the Hitman.

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