Leading Run-Scorers at Each Edition of the Men’s T20 World Cup

Each Edition of the Men's T20 World Cup

The Men’s T20 World Cup has witnessed some of the most exciting and competitive cricket since its inception. Each tournament has seen outstanding performances from batsmen across the globe. Furthermore Here is a detailed look at the top run-scorers from each edition of the tournament.

Each Edition of the Men’s T20 World Cup

Key Moments

  • 2007: Matthew Hayden set the bar high in the inaugural T20 World Cup, scoring 265 runs.
  • 2009: Tillakaratne Dilshan dominated with 317 runs, the highest for that tournament.
  • 2010: Mahela Jayawardene showcased his class with 302 runs.
  • 2012: Shane Watson led the charts with 249 runs.
  • 2014: Virat Kohli emerged as the top scorer with 319 runs.
  • 2016: Tamim Iqbal impressed with 295 runs.
  • 2021: Babar Azam stood out with 303 runs.
  • 2022: Virat Kohli reclaimed his place as the top run-scorer with 296 runs, equalling Babar Azam’s score from the previous year.

Top Run-Scorers by Year

2007Matthew Hayden265
2009Tillakaratne Dilshan317
2010Mahela Jayawardene302
2012Shane Watson249
2014Virat Kohli319
2016Tamim Iqbal295
2021Babar Azam303
2022Virat Kohli296

Since its inception, the Men’s T20 World Cup has been a stage for the world’s best batsmen to showcase their skills. Each edition of the tournament has produced a top run-scorer who stood above the rest with their exceptional performances. Let’s delve into the top performers of each edition

2007: Matthew Hayden

In the inaugural T20 World Cup held in South Africa, Australian opener Matthew Hayden led the run charts with a total of 265 runs. His aggressive batting was instrumental in taking Australia to the semi-finals.

2009: Tillakaratne Dilshan

The 2009 edition, held in England, saw Sri Lankan batsman Tillakaratne Dilshan top the run-scoring list with 317 runs. Consiquently His innovative ‘Dilscoop’ shot became a talking point, and his Therefore consistency with the bat played a crucial role in Sri Lanka reaching the finals.

2010: Mahela Jayawardene

During the 2010 T20 World Cup in the West Indies, Mahela Jayawardene of Sri Lanka accumulated 302 runs. His elegant stroke play and ability to anchor the innings made him the tournament’s highest run-scorer.

2012: Shane Watson

Australian all-rounder Shane Watson was the standout performer in the 2012 edition held in Sri Lanka. Watson scored 249 runs and also contributed significantly with the ball, showcasing his all-round capabilities.

2014: Virat Kohli

In the 2014 T20 World Cup hosted by Bangladesh, Indian batsman Virat Kohli emerged as the leading run-scorer with 319 runs. Therefore His consistency and ability to chase down targets were pivotal in India’s journey to the finals.

2016: Tamim Iqbal

Tamim Iqbal of Bangladesh was the top run-scorer in the 2016 T20 World Cup held in India. Moreover With 295 runs, Tamim’s powerful batting performances were a highlight of the tournament.

2021: Babar Azam

The 2021 T20 World Cup, held in the UAE and Oman, saw Pakistani captain Babar Azam scoring 303 runs. His solid technique and leadership were key to Pakistan’s strong showing in the tournament.

2022: Virat Kohli

In the 2022 edition, held in Australia, Virat Kohli once again became the top run-scorer, matching Babar Azam’s tally of 296 runs from the previous year. Kohli’s form and consistency helped India make a deep run into the tournament.

The leading run-scorers of the Men’s T20 World Cup have not only entertained fans with their remarkable performances but have also set benchmarks for future generations. Each tournament has brought out the best in these cricketers, making the T20 World Cup a spectacle of batting prowess.

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