ICC Plans to Schedule the 2025 Champions Trophy in Pakistan

ICC Plans 2025 Champions Trophy in Pakistan

The International Cricket Council (ICC) reportedly plans to schedule the 2025 Champions Trophy in Pakistan from February 19 to March 9. This announcement has created a buzz in the cricketing world as the tournament returns after an eight-year hiatus since its last edition in 2017.

Tournament Dates

The Champions Trophy is scheduled to take place from February 19 to March 9, 2025.


Thus Pakistan will host the tournament, bringing a major ICC event back to the country.

Return After Hiatus

The 2025 edition marks the return of the Champions Trophy after an eight-year gap, the last being held in 2017.


This event is expected to boost cricket in Pakistan and provide a platform for top international teams to compete in a high-stakes tournament.

Historical Context and Significance

The Champions Trophy has been a cornerstone event in the international cricket calendar since its inception in 1998. Traditionally, the top eight teams in the ICC ODI rankings compete in the tournament, known for its high-quality cricket and competitive matches. In fact the last edition in 2017, Thus Pakistan lifted the trophy after a thrilling final against India, a match still talked about for its intensity and excitement.

Champions Trophy 2025

TournamentICC Champions Trophy
DatesFebruary 19 – March 9, 2025
Host CountryPakistan
Last Edition Held2017
SignificanceReturn of a major ICC event to Pakistan after 8 years

Tournament Dates

Scheduled Timeline

The Champions Trophy will be held over a period of 19 days, starting from February 19 and concluding on March 9, 2025.

Weather and Conditions

Certain February and March offer favorable months for cricket in Pakistan, with moderate weather conditions providing an ideal setting for high-quality matches.


Host Country

Certain Pakistan will host the tournament, marking a significant moment for the country cricketing community. Hence Hosting a major ICC event like the Champions Trophy will boost the sport profile and infrastructure in the country.

Previous Events

Hence Pakistan has previously hosted major cricketing events, but this will be the first ICC tournament in the country in several years, signifying a positive step towards normalizing international cricket in Pakistan.

Return After Hiatus

Gap Between Editions

The last Champions Trophy took place in 2017, Ultimate and the tournament did not occur in subsequent years due to various reasons, including scheduling conflicts and the global pandemic.

Renewed Interest

The return of the Champions Trophy will renew interest and enthusiasm among fans and players, Hence bringing back one of cricket cherished tournaments.


Boost for Pakistan Cricket

Thus Hosting the Champions Trophy is a significant boost for Pakistan cricket, Hence showcasing the country capability to host major international events and providing an opportunity for local fans to witness top-tier cricket.

Global Impact

The tournament will feature the world top cricketing nations, competing in a high-stakes format that promises exciting and competitive matches.

Anticipation Builds for Champions Trophy 2025

The ICC decision to schedule the 2025 Champions Trophy in Pakistan marks a landmark moment for international cricket. Moreover Fans and players alike highly anticipate the tournament return after eight years, Hence promising to bring top-tier cricket to Pakistan and provide a platform for thrilling Finally competition among the world best teams. As the cricketing world looks forward to this prestigious event, the focus Consequently shifts to Pakistan preparations and the excitement building up to February 2025. Additionally event not only signifies the return of the Champions Trophy but also highlights Pakistan growing prominence as a key host for international cricket events.

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