Frank Nsubuga Record-Breaking Feat Most Maidens in T20 Internationals

Most Maidens in T20

At the age of 43, Frank Nsubuga continues to make headlines in the world of cricket. The veteran bowler has achieved an extraordinary milestone by delivering the most maiden overs in T20 Internationals (T20Is). Therefore Nsubuga’s consistency and precision have earned him the top spot on this prestigious list. Let’s explore Nsubuga’s remarkable achievement and highlight the key players who have also excelled in this aspect of T20I cricket.

Most Maidens in T20

Frank Nsubuga’s Record

In addition Frank Nsubuga has bowled 17 maiden overs in T20Is, the highest by any bowler in the format.

Kenyan Excellence

Shem Ngoche from Kenya follows Nsubuga with 12 maiden overs, showcasing his effectiveness in restricting runs.

Indian Bowling Prowess

Moreover Jasprit Bumrah, known for his exceptional death bowling, has bowled 11 maidens in T20Is.

Global Contributors

Furthermore Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Ghulam Ahmadi have also made significant contributions, each with 10 maiden overs.

Frank NsubugaUganda17Most maidens in T20Is
Shem NgocheKenya12Second highest maidens in T20Is
Jasprit BumrahIndia11Third highest maidens in T20Is
Bhuvneshwar KumarIndia10Tied for fourth highest maidens
Ghulam AhmadiGermany10Tied for fourth highest maidens

Frank Nsubuga’s achievement of bowling the most maidens in T20 Internationals at the age of 43 is a testament to his enduring skill and discipline. His record sets a benchmark for bowlers worldwide. Therefore Alongside Nsubuga, players like Shem Ngoche, Jasprit Bumrah, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, and Ghulam Ahmadi have also demonstrated exceptional prowess in delivering maiden overs, contributing significantly to their teams’ success. Meanwhile Nsubuga’s feat serves as an inspiration to cricketers, emphasizing the value of precision and consistency in the shortest format of the game.

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